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My name is Britta Staub, I am owner and head dog trainer at ASPIRE Dog Training. I am a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant and a Certified Dog Trainer. I can teach you how to make your dog balanced, happy and behave the way you want.

As a certified Canine Behavior Consultant and dog trainer, I know that all dogs need structure and consistency on our part to be well behaved. I feel it is up to us, the responsible dog owners, to learn how to be the best leader we can for our dogs. Otherwise, the dogs will assume the leadership role, which will lead to behavior problems. The emphasis of my training methods are on POSITIVE dog training. I will teach you how to control your dog without causing stress to the animal. No dog is un-trainable, the handler just needs to know how to make the dog focus on them and the rest will follow.

Our address

San Diego, CA. 92121
32.8981142, -117.20293630000003
(858) 206-3032

Opening Hours

7am to 9pm
7am to 9pm
7am to 9pm
7am to 9pm
7am to 9pm
7am to 9pm
7am to 9pm

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