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In 1994, after performing marine animal shows for many years, a group of trainers debated the methods being used on family animals vs. the show industry.  The question being:

 “If we can train a killer whale without a choke chain, why is man’s best friend wearing a pinch collar?”

For over 20 years we have offered in home and online training services across the United States.  Our trainers have performed and trained with big cats, primates, birds of prey as well as sealions, dolphins and whales.

Wildside strives to be the best animal care and supply company in the industry.  Providing high quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent educated customer service is our hallmark.  At Wildside Unlimited we view pets as a member of the family.  Through consistent results we are committed to providing each member with value and satisfaction.

Give us a call today and join our family of compassionate training and care. Let us exceed your expectations.

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San Diego, CA.
32.715738, -117.160977031
(619) 402-4410

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