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4 Paws Flying Pet Resort


Come play constructively with your dog & learn together in this fun, safe, agility-training environment. We offer beginning, intermediate & advanced 6-week classes in our central location.

4 Paws Flying Pet Resort



In 2007 Four Paws Flying moved into a larger facility which now offers boarding, doggie daycare, grooming and training.

Tour our friendly facility! We are confident once you visit us, you will see there is no one better to care for your pet.



5 tips for working out with your dog!

5 tips for working out with your dog!

Taking Fido for a walk is GREAT exercise but most people need a little more to get a complete body workout, obtain better balance and flexibility, and get their heart rate elevated for a more efficient cardiovascular system.  Below are 5 tips that you can do with your dog to prevent boredom, burn more calories, and gain more strength. 

TIP 1:  Make your dog’s walk a workout walk.  Incorporate exercises along the way to help with your upper and lower body strength. A few ideas are pushups on park benches or tables, lunge walks, squats, step ups, and even tricep dips to prevent the “flabby arm syndrome”. 

TIP 2:  Pick up the pace–don’t let Rover pull you all over!  Let Fido do his/ her business in the first 5 minutes of your warm up and then it is time for you to be in control.  Do a power walk or add sprints and/ or hills to burn more calories and get the heart rate elevated.  This makes your heart work more efficiently in the long run.

TIP 3:  Incorporate FIDO in your stretching and yoga.  Your dog reads your energy, so at the end of the day try to do your stretches and be calm–your dog will follow suit.  This is a good time to teach Fido the stay, sit, or down command. 

TIP 4:  Be creative with your exercise. Take your dog rollerblading, kayaking, hiking, surfing, biking, etc.  Get out of the rut of just doing daily walks.

TIP 5:  Always incorporate dog commands and games in your dogs workout–the mental stimulation will tire them and you can have fun teaching them new things. It is NEVER too late to start teaching your dog new commands. 

**As always please be a responsible parent and pick up after your dog!**

Of course if you do not have the  time to work up a plan,  why not try a Leash Your Fitness class or event?  They do all of the above and more to keep you and your furry friend fit!  Please visit  or call 619-822-3296 to find out more!


A Pet Lover’s Kind Decision

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Pet lovers in San Diego enjoy a wealth of resources during the lifetime of their pet.  Dog beaches, pet friendly hotels, and pet babysitting are just a few of the resources available.  Pet owners make many decisions during the lifetime of their beloved friends – their pets.

Fortunately, most of the decisions pet owners make are pleasant ones related to comfort, recreation, and travel.  As a San Diego pet lover, it is important that you know about options when your pet experiences its last years.

Home Pet Euthanasia is an increasingly popular option for owners of pets who are suffering from disease, pain, or untreatable conditions.


A Place in the Sun Garden Hotel

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754 San Lorenzo Rd. Palm Springs, CA
Your pet will not want to go home. Luxurious suites with private garden patios. Soft Water saline pool & spa, plus so many extras that you will not want to go home either!

AA Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery & Crematory


619.276.3361 (24hr emergency phone)
10801 Sorrento Valley Rd. • San Diego, CA 92121
The oldest (53 years) zoned cemetery in San Diego. Individual Cremations & Pick-up Services Daily (No Mass or Disposal Services) • Scatter Tree Area • Wall of selectable urns • Private family chapel • Viewings • Certified postal mailing • Burials • Columbarium • Mausoleum.

Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery (SVPC) offers the finest facilities for your cherished pet, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, hamster, rabbit, a “companion” or a “champion”.

From elaborate to simple; calling our pet cemetery and you will find that we offer the following comprehensive services you want:

– 24/7 hour Emergency Service
– Afterhour Service
– Cremations
– Lawn Burials
– Mausoleum or Columbarium
– Pre-needs
– Scatter at Sea

Expect superior service and remembrance: Your experience should be about empathy and options; we also offer private views and numerous memorial containers and/or a Scatter Tree for eternal remembrance on our endowment protected property.

Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery is the only permanently zoned pet cemetery in San Diego County.

Contact Info:
Phone: 619-276-3361 or 858-210-4790 (24/7 Call Back Service)
Fax: 858-623-0092