A Pet Lover’s Kind Decision

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Pet lovers in San Diego enjoy a wealth of resources during the lifetime of their pet.  Dog beaches, pet friendly hotels, and pet babysitting are just a few of the resources available.  Pet owners make many decisions during the lifetime of their beloved friends – their pets.

Fortunately, most of the decisions pet owners make are pleasant ones related to comfort, recreation, and travel.  As a San Diego pet lover, it is important that you know about options when your pet experiences its last years.

Home Pet Euthanasia is an increasingly popular option for owners of pets who are suffering from disease, pain, or untreatable conditions.

Why Choose Home Pet Euthanasia?
Simply put, the majority of pets are unlikely to die peacefully on their own.   No matter what the illness or condition, you, as the owner will need to make the decision to prevent further suffering.  Pet lovers understand benefits of saying goodbye in the home setting without the fear pets associate with going to the veterinary clinic.    

How Will I Know When It Is Time?
You do not have to make this decision alone.  While the general guidelines are loss of quality of life, terminal illness, inability to stand, uncontrollable pain, and/or incontinence, most Home Pet Euthanasia providers employ experienced veterinarians and veterinary technicians to answer questions to help you make the decision.

Will My Pet Suffer?
Your pet will experience no pain as a result of “euthanasia”- the Greek term for “peaceful death.”  The process of euthanasia for dogs and cats is the administration of a heavy sedative to relax the pet prior to the final injection of a heavily concentrated barbiturate.  The barbiturate stops the heart within seconds to a couple of minutes after the injection is given.  The patient only feels the act of falling into a very deep sleep and then a loss of all consciousness and awareness.

peacefulPassing2What Else Do I Need To Know?
Once the pet owner has made the decision for home pet euthanasia, additional services include cremation arrangements handled by the DVM with ashes returned upon request.  Pet owners who desire home euthanasia must be prepared.  It is critical that the owner not wait until the pet is in crisis.  Veterinarians are not typically able to come the same day.  Additional fees are also applied for emergency visits.

San Diego pet lovers who choose home euthanasia are able to spend those last moments with their pet in a calm, private, and dignified goodbye.

Peaceful Passing – Saying Goodbye At Home is one of several local organizations focusing on home euthanasia.

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