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There are approximately 77.8 million dogs living in U.S. households and for most owners, their furry friend is a member of the family. But many dog owners find themselves facing a dilemma when trying to secure homeowners, condominium or renters insurance. They may face higher premiums, inferior policies, or even restrictions by insurance companies, simply because they own a dog.                                                                                                                   Unfortunately, many insurance companies have a restricted breed list for homeowners or rental insurance, forcing homeowners to choose between their pet or having a roof over their head.  In fact, most homeowners and renter’s policies exclude coverage for any injury caused by a dog if your dog is on their breed restriction list.                                                                                                  While breed restrictions differ between insurance companies, some of the breeds are German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Old English Sheepdogs, Malamutes, Huskies, and St. Bernards.   There are 75 breeds banned or restricted somewhere in the United States.  Your dog may be on your insurance companies breed restricted list and you may not even know it!                        If you’ve been insured with the same insurance company for years, don’t assume your policy includes coverage for your dog(s). Insurance companies regularly modify what their policy will cover and what it won’t cover. Your company may not know you have a breed-restricted dog and if they find out, your policy can immediately be cancelled or non-renewed.                                                                                  State Farm is a rare breed among insurance companies because we do not have restrictions on the breed or type of dog that is owned. Any dog can bite regardless of breed, look or type. Identifying the breed of a dog based on physical appearance isn’t an accurate determination of risk, because any dog may bite out of fear and that doesn’t necessarily mean the dog is aggressive or dangerous. Every dog is an individual and as such, has an individual personality and unique experiences that define their behavior.                        As dog owners, we are responsible for the health and safety of our pets. We need to make every effort to set up our dogs for success by avoiding situations where they feel the need to protect themselves. Unfortunately, not every dog owner acts in a safe and responsible manner and as a result, people can be injured. It doesn’t matter if it is a poodle or a pit bull, any breed of dog can bite or cause injury, and any breed of dog can make a great family pet.                                                                                               State Farm reinforces the importance of being a responsible dog owner and educating people about how to safely interact with dogs.  One of the ways we do this is with our 24 page fun activity book, “Fido, Friend or Foe?” This activity book, a joint effort with the The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University, teaches children how to act responsibly and safely around dogs through coloring, dot-to-dot, seek-and-find and other activities. The book also offers suggestions on ways to help prevent dog bites such as “always asking the owner’s permission before petting a dog” to “never tease a dog.”                                                                                                                             Remember that being a responsible pet owner is key to reducing dog bite incidents, reducing the number of dogs abandoned in shelters as a result of breed restrictions, and will provide a safe and happy environment for families – human and animal – to thrive.

Article by Linda Newell. State Farm Insurance Agent  ( 858) 481-1436. If you are interested in obtaining one of these activity books, contact your local State Farm agent or stop by my office. 



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