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I am a native San Diegan. Tech Pet Care was born out of my lifelong passion and desire to provide loving care for animals. I was very fortunate to have chosen a career which has brought me a lifetime of joy, as well as the opportunity to help so many of our four legged friends. I cannot imagine a day without them!
I have my degree in Animal Health Science and am a Registered Veterinary Technician with 30 years of experience. Working as a specialty care nurse in a veterinary emergency center has given me the ability to assess and medically treat animals when they are ill or injured. I am trained to administer medications, and give fluids and injections. I am also Pet First Aid /CPR  Certified.
This business is my passion, and I truly look forward to new jobs. From transporting animals for radiation treatments to taking happy dogs to Fiesta Island for some beach time,  I am ready and able to assist you with your pet’s special needs. I can’t wait to meet both of you!

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San Diego, CA.
32.715738, -117.160870262
(619) 807-5376

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